Can You Scrap Old Car Parts For Cash? Know What Is Valuable

Posted on: 5 June 2020

Do you have an old car that is no longer in working condition and you do not know what to do with it? Know that it is possible to scrap parts from the car for cash at your local scrapyard. Here is what you need to know about the various metals found on a car that are still worth something. Bumpers Car bumpers are a part that can vary in price in terms of what material it is made from.
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3 Things To Do When Selling Your Junk Car

Posted on: 9 April 2019

Cars can be unpredictable -- some can be driven for hundreds of thousands of miles, while others may develop a number of problems in a short amount of time. There are also situations where a person may be involved in an auto accident, and paying to have the car repaired costs more than the car is worth. Ultimately, all cars get to the point where they are no longer running, or they are not worth fixing.
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Which Brake Pad Material Is Right For You?

Posted on: 20 July 2018

Regarding function, brake pads are very similar. But similar should not be confused with exactly the same. If your car needs new pads, you should remember this difference. There are only a few other areas where the contrast between different brake pad options is as evident as material differences. Before you start shopping for pads, here are some of the material differences you should look into.  Semi-Metallic Semi-metallic brake pads are a popular option, and they are also a durable brake pad.
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Your 4 Options For Disposing Of A Car That Hit The End Of Its Useful Life

Posted on: 16 April 2018

If you have driven your family vehicle to the point that the engine has blown or it has started having one mechanical failure after the other, then the time has come to dispose of it. How you choose to dispose of your old car is entirely up to you, and you have four options to do so, including the following. Option #1: Sell The Car's Valuable Parts If you need to raise some cash to help purchase a replacement car, you always have the option of removing any valuable parts from your junker and selling them.
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