Which Brake Pad Material Is Right For You?

Posted on: 20 July 2018

Regarding function, brake pads are very similar. But similar should not be confused with exactly the same. If your car needs new pads, you should remember this difference. There are only a few other areas where the contrast between different brake pad options is as evident as material differences. Before you start shopping for pads, here are some of the material differences you should look into. 


Semi-metallic brake pads are a popular option, and they are also a durable brake pad. In simple terms, semi-metallic pads are one-part soft metal, one-part friction material. On their own, the soft metals may not seem like enough to provide a vehicle with excellent stopping power, but when the friction material surrounds the metals, it enhances their control. One downside of semi-metallic brakes is the fact that they often cause accelerated wear to the drums or rotors. 


In the world of brake pads, few options get quite as high marks across the board as ceramic pads. Ceramic brake pads are made from a ceramic material. For reference, the pads are virtually the same as a more durable version of the material most pottery pots are constructed from. In addition to their superior stopping power, the fact that ceramic is great at heat conductivity makes the pads an excellent option in just about any driving condition. 


As the name suggests, organic brake pads are made from organic materials. In terms of their benefit, organic brake pads are great for protecting the other components of your brake system. This greater protection could mean a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance cost. But organic brake pads don't offer the best stopping power, especially when the pads get wet. Some cars are manufactured with organic brake pads. Use your current experience to determine if you want to replace your pads with the same option if you already have these pads. 

Fully Metallic

An entirely metallic brake pad is much the same as a semi-metallic brake pad. However, the metal to friction material ratio is different, in that there is more metal material. For this reason, when it comes to performance, full metallic brake pads often outperform semi-metallic brake pads. So, if you're looking for an option that will last a bit longer and offer you more control, the full metallic pads are great. However, metallic brake pads can be quite noisy. So, if constantly hearing the pads will bother you, these pads may not be a good option. 

Make sure you perform research before making your brake pad selection. If you still need extra assistance to choose a pad option, don't hesitate to contact an auto parts company like AAA Trucks and Auto Wreckings.