5 Types Of Junk Cars

Posted on: 6 July 2021

There are a few different things that can make a car a junk car. Typically, it's a car that can't be sold on the traditional market. Most of these vehicles are also inoperable. The following are a few examples of junk cars. 

1. Totaled Autos

A car that has been in an accident and suffered major body damage may still have quite a few valuable parts, especially if the big-ticket items like the transmission and the engine didn't suffer damage. Body damage alone can exceed the value of the car so that it isn't cost-effective to fix it. You can instead sell it as junk and make money off of the scrap value. 

2. Break Downs

A blown engine, stripped transmission, or other major mechanical issues can cost more than the price of a used car that is in running condition. If your car has reached the point where the value of repairs doesn't make sense anymore, recoup some of your investment by selling off the car as junk. Junk buyers seek out broken-down cars so they can sell them as scrap metal.

3. Water Damaged Cars

If your car has been through a flood, it may look fine on the surface but there could be hidden damage from mold, rot, and electrical issues. Flood-damaged cars are often totaled or given a salvage title, which can make them nearly valueless when you go to sell them on the used market. Fortunately, junk buyers are still willing to pay cash for your water-damaged vehicle, even if it no longer runs. 

4. Rust Buckets

Old rusty cars can be a nuisance, especially if they have been slowly rotting on your property for a few decades. There may not be much value in parts, but any of the metal that remains does hold some value as scrap. This is especially the case with older cars since they tended to be made out of higher value metals compared to modern plastic and fiberglass cars. 

5. Recreational Vehicles

The broken down, wrecked, and rusted-out vehicle doesn't even have to be a traditional passenger car in order to sell it to a junk buyer. Many junk buyers will also buy recreational vehicles like motor homes, buses, and vans. There may be some limitations on the type of recreational vehicles purchased, so call ahead to see if yours is acceptable. 

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