Your 4 Options For Disposing Of A Car That Hit The End Of Its Useful Life

Posted on: 16 April 2018

If you have driven your family vehicle to the point that the engine has blown or it has started having one mechanical failure after the other, then the time has come to dispose of it. How you choose to dispose of your old car is entirely up to you, and you have four options to do so, including the following.

Option #1: Sell The Car's Valuable Parts

If you need to raise some cash to help purchase a replacement car, you always have the option of removing any valuable parts from your junker and selling them. For example, your car has many "stock" items that classic car restorers may be searching for, such as the hood ornament, make and model plates on the body, and many mechanical parts.

To determine what parts of your junk car are currently in demand, do a quick search on eBay. Carefully remove any of the more valuable parts and list them yourself to raise some quick capital.

Option #2: Sell the Car as a Parts-Only Vehicle

If you do not know your car's engine from its transmission and have no time or desire to strip off parts to sell, then you always have the option of selling the vehicle to another person who does so as a business or has their own car they are looking for replacement parts to repair. To determine the car's value as a parts car, search for listings online and price it accordingly.

Once your car has sold, you need to go to the DMV's website and file a release of liability form so you will not be responsible for future registration fees if the buyer doesn't register the sale with them.

Option #3: Donate the Vehicle to a Charity

Many charities will pick up junker cars and turn them in for wrecking to get special tax credits from the government. This is a simple way to dispose of an unwanted car and support a charity dear to your heart in the process.

Option #4: Sell the Vehicle to an Automotive Wrecking Yard

Finally, you always have the option to wreck your vehicle at a local metal salvage yard. Some salvage yards will tow the car away for you in exchange for their keeping the scrap metal value. However, if your vehicle can still be driven legally on the road, you can keep the scrap metal price if you drive it in.

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